CUMC Data Science Group

A student-run initiative


Hackathon 2017

by Nick Giangreco

We had a very successful first hackathon! After a long semester of getting comfortable with R, tidy data, and formulating project ideas in a computational framework, the hackathon was a chance to showcase our work, give a jolt to our projects and tackle new ideas.

Everyone came in with great projects to work on! Some had data from their labs that they wanted to analyze but didn't have the reason or chance to do it during their busy schedule. Some had these personal interests and ideas that they pursued which was very cool to see come to fruition. And, if you notice, this website was created using straight html, css, and the bootstrap library. That was my project to jumpstart this hackathon, as well as work on my site. I'll be working on this site for the foreseeable future, so bare with me while I make it look more elegant and stylish.

One visiting scientist, Samik from NYU, worked on structuring his strategy and goals for when he generated data in his lab.

Tiara from the CUMC Pathology program started looking at her gene expression data she generated. The data looks very clean -- very little variation within the biological samples!

Through the generosity of CUMC, we were able to reserve a room which provided a great collaboration space and a handy projector to view each others progress and code. Throughout the day we stayed fully hydrated and fed -- a make of a truly successful hackathon .

I'd like to say thank you again to everyone that came out! I really enjoyed doing some work with great company and seeing the really cool analyses people are creating with very diverse biomedical data. I look forward to seeing more progress on the projects, so stay tuned -- these will be continuously updated!